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Out-of-State Licensure

Obtaining a License in Another State

To obtain information for out-of-state licensing, please contact the Department of Education within the state you are seeking licensure. Please visit the United States Department of Education website and select the particular state of interest for license requirements and application procedures.  

The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with most states; therefore an individual holding a valid Indiana license may be able to obtain a license in most states relatively easily. Specific coursework, testing, or grade point averages may be required that are different than requirements for Indiana licensing. For current information regarding out-of-state licensing, please visit the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) website.

A Purdue University West Lafayette Teacher Education Program completer may submit any out-of-state forms requesting verification of program completion to the Office of Professional Preparation and Licensure. 


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