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Choose from a variety of workshops and conferences throughout the year. Below are some of what is offered along with links to more information.

Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship

The James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship has as its mission to assume a national leadership role in preparing new generations of American citizens. The focus is to provide programs, institutes, activities and resources for educators to implement more powerful citizenship programs and opportunities that result in active student involvement in schools and communities

Center for Literacy Education and Research

The Summer Literacy Institute, presented by the Center for Literacy Education and Research - CLEAR (formerly known as Purdue Literacy Network Project), holds an annual three-day institute that affords teachers and administrators the opportunity to explore literacy in-depth through workshops and keynote speakers and workshops. Held during the month of July.

Professional Development Catalog: http://www.clear.education.purdue.edu/PDF%20Files/CLEARCatalog_2011-12.pdf

For more information visit clear.education.purdue.edu, call 765-494-5683 or email clear-office@purdue.edu.

College of Science K-12 Outreach

The College of Science K-12 Outreach program was initiated in 1989 to increase interest and achievement in science and mathematics at the pre-college level. We provide K-12 science and mathematics professional development programs for teachers, form long term partnerships with school districts, and present activities for students.

For more information visit http://www.science.purdue.edu/K12/index.html , call 765-494-1729 or email scienceoutreach@purdue.edu .

Leadership Development Program (LDP) 

For more information about Field-based Professional Development visit: Http://www.edci.purdue.edu/leadership_development

 P-12 Portal

Purdue University has a rich history of serving the P-12 community. Many colleges, departments, faculty, staff, and student organizations offer an abundance of outreach options for school age children, parents, educators, and schools. The P-12 Outreach Portal connects you to all of those activities.

Gifted Education Resource Institute

A gifted education and talent development institute for educations offered by the College of Education's Gifted Education Resource Institute--DISCOVER! integrates components of learning, enjoyment and relaxation in a collegial atmosphere. The week-long conference promises to help educators effectively serve gifted and talented children and to discover and develop talents in all children. Held during the month of June.

For more information visit www.purdue.edu/geri, call 765-494-7243 or email geri@purdue.edu.

 Ultim"ate" Soltions: Win the Fight for Physical Education

 This workshop is for P-12 physical educators and will be activity-based (Flyer). For detailed information visit here