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Purdue University Teacher Education programs prepare students for teaching in Grades P-3, Grades K-6, Grades 5-12, or Grades P-12. Program standards, curricula, and licensure are in accord with regulations promulgated by the State of Indiana and authorized by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Descriptions of performance-based programs vary by content areas. 

Become a Teacher 

Purdue University offers several teacher education programs. Individuals can choose from undergraduate and graduate programs while earning a Bachelor's, Master's, Educational Specialist, or a Doctorate degree, dependent upon the program.

Teacher Education programs are offered through six colleges across the Purdue University Campus. Contact the college in which you are interested.  

Licensure Routes

Students may complete the Teacher Education Program (TEP) undergraduate licensure programs as:

  1. Individuals who plan to complete bachelor’s degrees, or
  2. Post-baccalaureate individuals who have already completed bachelor’s degrees and plan to complete a teacher education program as non-degree or degree-seeking, “post-baccalaureate for licensing only,” Transition to Teaching (TTT) Program, or STEM Goes Rural Program candidates. The post-baccalaureate licensure routes require the completion of a transcript evaluation.   

Program details and requirements can be viewed by clicking on the above Teacher Education Programs link.