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Research Centers

Through cutting-edge research and engagement activities, the College of Education's centers and institutes continually work to improve the field of education.

Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship
James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship strives to be a national leader in preparing new generations of American citizens. The focus is to provide programs, institutes, activities and resources for educators to implement more powerful citizenship programs and opportunities that result in active student involvement in schools and communities.

Assessment, Research and Evaluation 
The Discovery Learning Center's (DLC) Assessment, Research and Evaluation (ARE) can work with you to address the following assessment and evaluation questions.

  • How can I be certain my program is effectively meeting its objectives?
  • How can I determine if real learning is taking place?
  • How can assessment help me improve my program?
  • What are the tools I need to measure the outcomes of educational programs?

The DLC, located in Purdue University's Discovery Park, has staff and expertise committed to using assessment to foster innovative educational activities and programs to advance the collective understanding of education and learning. Promoting effective assessment and evaluation is a strategic part of DLC's mission.

Center for Literacy Education and Research
The Center for Literacy Education and Research (CLEAR - formerly known as Purdue Literacy Network Project) provides such professional development for the purpose of creating a comprehensive program for children in elementary grades, assuring that all children are given the opportunity to become readers and writers early in their schooling.

Center for Research & Engagement in Science & Mathematics Education
Center for Research & Engagement in Science & Mathematics Education (CRESME), co-directed by faculty from the Colleges of Education and Science, focuses on improving science and mathematics education for students from preschool to college. The result is a powerful combination of skills for discovering distinctive ways to improve science and mathematics education.

Gifted Education Resource Institute
The Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) works to further the development of gifts and talents in individuals throughout the lifespan. GERI conducts research on the psychology of talent development, trains professionals from all nations of the world to promote the development of individuals who have gifts and talents, and provides services to talented individuals and their families.

Learning, Education, Assessment, and Performance Technologies
Learning, Education, Assessment, and Performance Technologies (LEAP) Technologies is dedicated to measurably improving the learning and performance of individuals, organizations and societies around the world by applying the best current theory of how people learn and work with the most advanced technologies and processes in the learning, computer and social sciences.

Professional Development Schools
The College of Education has partnerships with 56 professional development schools in Indiana . A professional development school is an elementary, middle, or high school that works collaboratively with faculty to develop and demonstrate exemplary learning practices, provide field-based preparation for pre-service teacher education candidates, and discover new educational knowledge.

Purdue Counseling and Guidance Center
The Counseling and Guidance Center is the counseling service and training facility for the College of Education on the Purdue University campus. Our services are available to University students and staff, to high school students, and to adults in the community at large.

Purdue University Psychometric Instructional/Investigation Laboratory
The Purdue University Psychometric Instruction/Investigation Laboratory (PUPIL) is a state-of-the-art lab specializing in psychometric research and offering leadership, training, and consultation for faculty, students, and practitioners.

Technology Resources Center
The Technology Resources Center (TRC) is a multifaceted initiative of the College of Education . It encompasses several functions which together create a focal point through which faculty, students, and staff can explore, discover, and use technology in teaching and learning.