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You have your degree and your license?now what? It's time to search for a teaching job! There are many opportunities and resources available to help you find a teaching position.

Purdue's Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) is a great place to start. Look for resume advice, interviewing tips, personal assistance, and job fairs on this site.


Teacher Recruitment Day
Monday, April 25, 2016
9 am - 3:30 pm
Contact: Veronica Rahim

Something to consider is teaching outside of Indiana. The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with the states listed here (http://www.teach.purdue.edu/licensure/outstate.html) so that an individual holding a valid Indiana license may be able to obtain a license in these other states relatively easily.


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For out of state licensing
To obtain information for out-of-state licensing, please click here.

Teach in Florida
Numerous positions are available throughout the state.

New York
Teach in New York City
Over 500 positions available in 83 new, small high schools in New York City through the New Century High Schools Initiative

Teach English Internationally
TEFL Certification classes to be offered in Prague, Czech Republic
More Information and Homepage

Teach English in Japan

Teach in Korea!
WORKnPLAY is licensed by the South Korean Ministry of Education to place native English speakers with four-year College degrees in the Korean public school system as English teachers.

Teach in Taiwan!
The Indiana Department of Education, with The Ministry of Education in Republic of China (Taiwan), has a fantastic opportunity for students graduating with an Elementary Education degree to teach English in Taiwan. For more information visit Teaching in Taiwan.